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Based in Brooklyn, NY since the release of the first of his 14 improv art rock music albums containing the philosophy that nothing exists, this jazz great with the trademarked name of Copernicus, with nonstop evolution in his thinking, exerts the public to appreciate the evolution of his philosophy. His albums should be appreciated in the order of creation. These albums are expressed through the force of spontaneous improv vocals in association with rock musicians creating a jazz rock music work of art.

We get to appreciate the evolution in his philosophy and music through the release of improv vocals reaching for an understanding with each art rock jazz album release expressing his philosophy that nothing exists. He performs to the music of his accompanying 15 to 20 improv musicians at every recording session. His philosophy grows and evolves and with each album, we grow with him. The first album release was in 1984.

Copernicus heat shot

Prepare yourself to enter the website of Copernicus with worldwide performance music videos and reviews in the press section from all over the planet from Buenos Aires to Paris to Moscow to South Korea. You are now entering the home of a true American improv jazz rock art genius expressing his philosophy through the expert use of words and music. Brace yourself.

copernicus logo Copernicus is on worldwide cable (Manhattan Neighborhood Network - Channel 2) every Wednesday at 11:00 AM on Art Axis channel 2