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Subject: MARCH  in "El Retorno del Gigante" Radio Show from Argentina

Programming from MARCH in El Retorno del Gigante - Radio Show from Argentina 


* We share the final and most extensive exclusive interview that gave us Billy Sherwood, in which he speaks of all, his musical beginnings, World Trade, its history with Yes, reveals historic secrets of Yes, the continuity of Circa his vision of modern music, his work as producer, his new solo album and much more, in a pleasant and unforgettable talk.
* A new special of the prestigious label Moonjune Records Presents: Marbin the group that brings together two members of the Pat Metheny Group, Paul Wertico and Steve Rodby and his album "Breaking the Circle", the new album of the great Italian singer Boris Savoldelli entitled "Biocosmopolitan" where once again shines with mostly vocal work, the new work to the poet  Copernicus, his album "Cipher and Decipher" 
* We will have the classic annual Issue, with a special Top Albums 2010 voted by our listeners, musicians, journalists, as shown in our website
* Another special "Without Ears Eyelids" by Carlos Salatino, with quirks and curiosities of music
* Introducing "La Banda Oculta" the new solo project of former bassist of Supernova, Mariano Sánchez
* A special Little Known Ancient Progressive Bands by Daniel Sperlungo, bringing progressive rarities from around the world
* Present the work of Brazilian guitarist Fabio Golfetti and his trio  Invisible Opera Company Of Tibet, you work entitled "Ufo Planante" spatial sound, with fusion touches, close to the first Pink Floyd
* Another special  "Progressive from Asia" by Alejandro Nakakoji, with and originals little-known bands
Fallen from Previous Month
* Introducing the best of Italian progressive, the band "Pandora" and his work entitled "Sempre E Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno" sound vintage prog
* And tales, histories, the classic ones bands, new bands and " The music that to all they would like… if they could listen it"
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We hope are together
Gustavo Bolasini

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